Monday, July 25, 2011

Waiting it Out...

I'll write a post while I wait out the Presidential message that is airing over my "Hell's Kitchen"  show.  Ugh, I hate politics.  I have a hard time around election time, you want to be informed on the issues, but it just makes you more angry.  Just my opinion.

Sweat it Out
45 minutes on the Elliptical

That's right, I started out my Monday with a shweaty workout.  Maybe its because I'm doing a different elliptical machine or because I'm drinking an a** load of water, but I have been a sweaty mess when I've gone to the gym!  It felt so good today!  I kept the tempo in strokes on the Elliptical with the music I was listening to.  It was just what I needed to start the week off with a bang!

A new addition to my workout starting on August 7th will be a weight routine.  I am reading the book "The New Rules of Lifting for Women".  "Lift Like a Man, Look like a Goddess".

I like to lift weights.  I like to feel strong.  I remember when I was in high school (still over weight)  and was at the community center  exercising with a group of friends.  We were playing around in the weight room while we were waiting for a slide class to start and we started doing some bench pressing.  All of my friends were athletic and so imagine my surprise when not only could I bench more than them, I smoked them!  If I remember right I benched almost double of our strongest friend.  Ever since then I noticed that I had some decent muscles under all the fat I was hiding it with.

I've joined the Prior Fat Girl Group Challenge to try this books way of exercising for 6 months.  Big commitment, I know.  I will do this challenge to the best of my ability, considering that I am at least 100 pounds overweight and there may be some difficulty in some of the moves.  The book says that you will possibly weigh the same, but gain muscle replacing fat.  I'm only on page 25 right now, and will give a summary before I begin the program.  It also has a nutrition program that goes along with it, but I will be sticking to my Weight Watchers routine.

I will also be taking my measurements as well as weighing in.  Measurements will be done once a month.  First measurements will be taken on August 7th when I begin the program.

Wish me luck on this new endeavor!

Have you ever used a workout program like The New Rules of Lifting for Women or Body for Life?


  1. Hi Carrie! I was like you, extra strong in high school. Some us women are just built to be strong. I LOVE weightlifting and fully admit to being a girl monster!

    If you gain muscle, you will lose inches. Plus, your body will get much firmer. But I love weightlifting because I am so capable and powerful when I do it. There is just nothing like it.

    I haven't read that book, but weightlifting is basically the same for women as men.

    I hope you do great. And please tell me if/when you learn how to bench press! It's super.

    :-) Marion

  2. I already know how to bench press, but without a weight buddy, its been tough to do some serious lifting. My hub's will have to help me out! Can't wait to finish reading this book and get started!

  3. How much weight are you doing for bench press?

    :-) Marion

  4. I haven't done it in a while, and can't remember what the last numbers were. I will make a workout tab when I start the program and give details to what I'm doing at what numbers!

  5. Well, I think that's great what you are doing! I'm very impressed with your plan! I'll be cheering you on!

    ;-) Marion