Friday, July 8, 2011

And I Thought She was Lying...

Since my brother has come into town I have moved over to my Gramma's house to sleep.   My gramma, the seasoned Weight Watcher Lifetime Member, and I were having a conversation yesterday about problem foods.

My Gramma has got to be the healthiest person I know.  She watchers what she eats, golfs once a week, and stays pretty active for the ripe old age of 91.  She confessed that she has a chocolate fetish.  I didn't believe her because I have never seen any chocolate around her house?  She started naming off all of the places she hid chocolate, and all of a sudden chocolate came out of the woodwork.

This is just what I found in the freezer:

Chocolate kisses, Hershey's Bliss, Ghirardelli Caramel Squares, Tupperware of frozen cookies, cinnamon bears, Jelly Bellies (a gramma's house staple. Oh, I also made that nifty dish), and two bags of frozen Rolo's.  This was everything I found in the house freezer.  Don't get me started on the deep freezer in the garage.

Apparently Gramma's secret is out.  She fooled us so well.  She was watching TV the whole time I was rummaging through her fridge, and she has no idea.  Wheel of fortune is extremely captivating.

Since I have found this discovery I have been itching for some sweets.  I'm trying to keep it to a minimum.  I can't wait to get back home where I can re-focus.  Next weeks weigh in should be interesting.

Do you hide candy and forget about it?
NEVER!  I can't keep candy in my house at all!  It would be all I could think about until I had eaten it all.

What is your sweet fetish?
I love cherry flavored anything!  Swedish fish, cherry sours, etc.  And keep me away from the bulk candy aisle, I could make a serious dent out of my bank account.

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