Sunday, July 31, 2011

Start of the Week Sunday Goals!

Yay!  It's Sunday again, which means another set of goals is just around the corner.  This couldn't come any quicker considering that I felt the start of a binge today.  I go to church for 3 hours on Sunday starting at 11:30. I usually eat breakfast around 8 and don't eat anything until sometimes 3:00!  That's a LONG time to go with no food.  Oatmeal only goes so far people!  When I get home I tend to just start eating, no plate or utensils.  Today I had some roasted chicken, triscuits, ranch, & cream cheese.  Oh, and a couple of Almond Joy mini's (ok, maybe 3).  I caught myself about half way through my tornado and took a step back.  Hopefully this little set back falls in the 90/10 rule.  If you eat good 90% of the time, that 10% won't matter.

I'm pretty sure that I got cocky this week with how easy it felt to eat good and make good choices.  I just knocked myself off my pedestal though, so now I need to re-focus with some good goal setting.   Let's see how last week goals checked out!

1. Gym 5 times........CHECK!  Yes people, I finally made it to the gym.
2. One new recipe...........Didn't happen.  I was going to try and make spaghetti squash spaghetti (instead of noodles) but every time I went to the store, they didn't have any spaghetti squash. Boo.
3. Read for 1 hour daily.....CHECK!  I've finally made a dent in my boring book I'm reading.  I'm almost done with "The New Rules of Lifting for Women".  Recap to happen sometime this week.  Man, I love to read!
4. Master grocery list.......Nope, even though I went to the store enough times this week.  It was the last thing on my mind for some reason.
5. Spend less time on computer.......No.  I made a Facebook Fanpage and did some other things as well.  I did do less mindless computer work.  You know, when your just bored and looking for something to look at, I did way less of that.
So here we are a new week and a new set of goals, who's stoked?! Me!

Start of the Week Sunday Goals!

1. Go to the gym 5 times.  Getting sick of that one yet, cause I am!  I can't deny that my week went a whole lot better considering that I started it with a workout.  
2. Do a mock run through of the first workout from "The New Rules of Lifting for Women". This  book will now be known as TNRLW.  I'm tired of typing out the entire title.  The first workout can easily be done at home.  This way I can tell how much weight I will need when I start the ACTUAL workout.  I can see if just doing it with my body weight will make me sore.  Then I will really know how weak I have made myself by being this obese.  Oh well, I gotta start somewhere!  Workouts will be on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
3 Track.  It seems that this has to be on the list because if its not I get lazy.  My tracker will be tied to my hip.  
4. Baby proof my house.  Hanna is getting into EVERY THING!  She tried to put a piece of the cat scratcher into an outlet the other day, and my heart about stopped.  I've never moved so quickly.  And Apparently she's learned how to crawl through the sideways chair to get to the cats food and water (and littler box, yuck!).  This kid is going to kill me.
5. Try to get the baby blanket I've been knitting finished.  Yes, I started it when I first found out I was pregnant almost a year and a half ago.  It's time to get it done.  Good thing to keep my hands busy and eliminate food binges.  

Phew!  Another week, another set of goals.  This week seems very doable!
No Excuses!!!!!!!

Do you do any type of handy craft?
I can knit(barely), and a little sewing. 

What is a goal you are shooting to hit this next week? 


  1. I love that you set new goals each week. Congrats on making it to the gym each week!

    I can knit (sort of), crochet, sew, embroider but I rarely finish a project. I have a crocheted throw in the basement that I started more than two years ago.

  2. Hi Carrie!

    Form is crucial for free weights!!! It's better to learn one exercise per week correctly than to quickly learn several exercises doing them all a little bit wrong.

    I am considered the best woman weightlifter at my gym, and I learned free weights at a rate of one new exercise per week. Slow and steady with *excellent form* wins the race in the free weights area.

    So don't worry if you don't learn everything at once. It's really better that you don't.

    :-) Marion