Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fourth of July Fun!

Our 4th started on the 2nd with some family firework fun!

Brothers + Fireworks = Keep fire extinguisher on hand.

After a relaxing Sunday we had a continuation of celebration starting with the "Provo City Art Festival"

I got to spend some time with My mom, brother Tyler, and sister-in-law Angela. It was over cast so it made the heat a little more bearable. It was a good 92 degrees. I also got a cute dress and bracelet for Hanna.

She didn't seem to care.

Later on we got to go to my cousin Shauna's house and had a cook out with my extended family. Of course, Hanna was so tired she wouldn't let me put her down and I didn't get any pictures :(

Cook outs are hard.  There was a lot of food including chips, dips, desserts, & drinks.  The one thing that was missing........FRUIT!?!?!??!?!  I couldn't believe that there wasn't any fruit!  Granted, my family was in charge of bringing salads so it was our own fault.  This lead to dipping into the dessert a little, but all in all I ate waaaaaaaaaay less than I normally would.  I feel good about that.  We'll see what happens at the weigh in tomorrow!

What did you do for the fourth?

Was there anything you regret eating?
I could have probably eaten one less cookie square, but I have to remember that I have 49 anytime points that I can use throughout the week, and that's what they're there for.


  1. your brothers are hot!

  2. Why do I have the sneaking suspicion that comment was made by one of my brothers?

  3. Hi Carrie! I just found your blog and feel like we are long lost weight problem twins! I am also attempting to loose weight 14 months post baby. I started a blog with my friend, Kerry, who helps motivate me to work out and eat right. She blogs much more than I do but, I am trying to fit it in and do find that it's helping me stay on track. And, my husband was born and raised in Grand Junction! Good luck with your journey, I will be following along! :)

  4. I'm so glad you're reading Jade! I love it when new people follow and help me with the whole accountability thing! So you know where Grand Junction is huh? we have really enjoyed living there so far! Thank you for the comment!