Sunday, July 10, 2011

Vacation Recap and This Weeks Goals

What a whirlwind these last few day have been!  Here is a brief overview of this weeks events:

Took the kids to go see Gramma dressed like a lion at the Lehi Library, where she read us a funny children's book about a Lion in a Library.

Hanna wasn't too happy in this picture.

Went to Park City and road the Alpine Slide and had fun enjoying the cooler weather.

Dustin, Garrit, Saige, Angela, Tyler, Ryan, Michael, & Maddie waiting in line to get on the Alpine Slide.  I got to watch, the joys of having an infant.  I got a pretty wicked sunburn too.

Park  City is beautiful!  It was a gorgeous day.

The mom's waiting with their babes while everyone went on rides.

All-in-all my trip to Utah was fun and I was so happy to have been able to see so much of my family.  I am also happy to be in the comforts of my own home.  Now I just have to get Hanna back on her sleeping schedule and try to salvage some weight loss from the last few days of crappy (seriously crappy?) eating.  When you are on the run it is hard to get in food that are healthy diet friendly.

Adding a new weekly staple on the blog will be "Start the Week Sunday Goals"!  Every week to keep myself focused on the task at hand.  I couldn't need it more than this week.  The first week of vacation I did well with eating.  The last week?  Not so much.  It felt like I was running from one event to the next and poor planning=poor eating.

5 Start the Week Sunday Goals!

1. I will workout 5 times this week for one hour (cardio & strength training).  After not working out for pretty much the entire time I was on vacay, my gym clothes are yelling at me through the dresser drawer.  

2. I will track my points on WW website everyday.  I've gotten kind of lazy with tracking and just counting points up in my head.  I will not succeed if I don't track.  I have the time, there is no excuse.

3. I will, again, go to my Weight Watchers Meeting even if I think I didn't lose anything.  I have to hold myself accountable and not get lazy.  I realize that I have gone off the wagon for the last few days, but that is no reason to give it all up.  I have to pick myself back up and move on.  Let the past be the past and not beat myself up.

4. Try two new healthy recipes for dinner.  I tend to eat the same things over and over again when I'm trying to lose weight.  I need to try and keep it interesting so that I can sustain this lifestyle for long term.

5. (non-weight related) Figure out a sustainable budget that my family can live on.  Ever since I have quit my job to stay home with Hanna we have never really figure out a budget to live on.  I get stressed about money and then it effects my weight loss i.e, emotional eating.  I've got to get this figured out this week so it can quit having a negative effect on my life.

So there are this weeks first set of goals.  Simple and clear.  I can do this.

Do you set weekly goals for yourself at the beginning of the week?

How do you get back on the healthy eating train when you're back from vacation?

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