Sunday, July 24, 2011

Start of the Week Sunday Goals!

First off, remember when I told you that I weigh myself everyday?  Today I gasped a little bit when I saw the number.  I won't say it out loud because I don't want to jinx myself for this weeks weigh-in.  All I'm gonna say is that if it stays the same number until Thursday I will do a happy dance (maybe I'll even record it for you all to see).

Just so you know, I love this weekly post.  One of the things I miss about working in management is the making of weekly goals.  It's like a to-do list that feels so good when you get to check something off of your list!

Let's recap last weeks goals and see how I did!

1. Go to the gym 5 times this week.  I will give myself a silver star for this one because I went to the gym 3 times and cleaned my house for 5 hours one day.  I think that is pretty good activity considering I'm usually a couch potato.

2. Track everything you eat everyday=  Check!  Even the mini binge I had the other day.

3. You will bring healthy snacks to Harry Potter=  Totally failed this one.  Apparently movie theaters are a trigger for me.  I brought the snacks , but only ate the carrots.

4. I will not go out to eat=  I'm not going to lie, we had $1 burrito supremes this week.  And we were so busy this week that Cafe Rio slipped in there once.  Let me tell you it is a HUGE improvement from the way we use to eat on Dustin's week off.  We ate at home the rest of the week.  Yay us! (Here I'll say "week" one more time because I didn't say it enough in the last paragraph)

5. I will make a grocery list and stay under $100.
=  This one I made, but only because we had some extra cash from coin star and a $25 rebate MasterCard.

All-in-all I only made 1 of these goals that didn't have an excuse tied to it.  Oops!  Well, here's to a new week with new goals to achieve!  So gear up for the new week, and get ready for some goal setting!

Start of the Week Sunday Goals!

1. I will go to the gym 5 times this week. This will be a goal until I make it happen.  It will most likely be a goal every week until I have to quit reminding myself.  
2. I will make one new recipe this week.  I like this goal the last week I did it.  I need to diversify my recipe book.
3. I will read for one hour before I go to bed.  I have so many books that I need to read, but the tv seems to get in the way.  One day I will make a goal to turn it off at 7:00, I'm just not ready this week to do that yet :/
4, I will come up with a master grocery list to make grocery shopping easier.  My dad does this every week.  He has a detailed grocery list that maps the store he shops with.  It makes it so you're not running all over like a chicken with your head cut off, and helps you to not buy unplanned things.  Money saver as well!
5. I will spend less time on my computer.  I spend way too much time on the computer.  And I need to be spending time with my daughter.  Sometimes its just mindlessly reading dumb articles or blogs I don't really follow.  So I will limit my time to when Hanna is napping or after she has gone to bed, with a couple SHORT checks throughout the day.  But I will not plant myself in front of the tv while on my computer.  

Aw, I have direction this week.  It feels so good ;)

What's a goal you have for yourself this week?
How many goals can you set before you feel overwhelmed?
Five, otherwise I lose site of why I'm goal making.  The object is to make the goal and not overwhelm yourself.  

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  1. Hi Carrie! Sounds like a good plan and you're doing good.

    My daughter and I are sad that Harry Potter is done forevs. What if J.K. Rawlings did a story on Snape or Harry's parents or on his kids? That's what we're hoping.

    :-) Marion