Monday, July 11, 2011

Fly by the Seat of Your Pants

I can't believe how fast this day has gone by.  I've been trying to recover from my vacation and try to get back in my old routine.  Hanna doesn't want to cooperate, and has been having to cry herself to sleep for naps and I am now listening to her scream in her bed right now.

Today has been a tiring day of budget making.  Nothing is more depressing than going over finances and seeing how little you have left after all of your bills.  I don't know about you, but I carry all of my stress in my jaw (is that weird?).  My teeth and jaw are killing me right now.

The most important thing for today is that I did not let the stress get to my eating.  I have tracked everything.  Even-though, I'm pretty sure I can't listen to my daughter scream for any longer or I may need some ice cream.  To bad I didn't get anything but fruit at the store today.

Not only am I trying to lose weight, but I'm trying to get my life together as a whole.  My husband and I have a tendency to "fly by the seat of our pants".  Weight, Church, finances.......I'm on a mission to get my life in order. Today was a good start.  Now if only I can stick with it.  I guess that would be another goal I'm working on......following through.  


  1. Hanna's not getting any better? I'm so sorry--I know it can be stressful. Maybe she needs to have her ears checked--or maybe tomorrow will be better. Here's to hoping! I also had a great day, starting with the gym--finally! Love you, Mom

  2. I carry my stress in my jaw too :( Hopefully little Hanna adjusts soon.