Sunday, July 17, 2011

Start of the Week Sunday Goals!

I am so glad its the beginning of a new week and I can start working on some new goals.  Last weeks goals kind of went down the tubes with the whole sick baby thing.  But let's see where I sat with them just for fun!

Totally tried 2 new recipes which turned out delicious (if I do say so myself), which you will find here & here.  Check!
Non-Weight related, made a family budget. Check!
Went to my Weight Watcher meeting even though I thought I didn't lose anything (but I did 1.2 lb's!).  Check!
The only goal I didn't make was to go to the gym 5 times this week.  Oops!  So guess what's at the top of my list again this week?

Start of the Week Sunday Goals!
1. Go to the gym 5 times this week.  I'm serious Carrie.  There will be consequences (that I haven't come up with yet) if this goal isn't met.  eating well alone is not going to get the job done.  Suck it up and get to the gym.  Plus, your new shoes are calling!  

2. Track everything you eat everyday.  This will be a goal until I can get it through my head that tracking is the only way to go.  One thing I've learned about keeping a food journal is that when I feel like I've eaten horrible I usually throw in the towel and just eat whatever because I think the day is shot anyway.  When I track I find that I don't eat as bad as my head makes me feel so it makes me want to keep it up. 

3. You will bring healthy snacks when you go see Harry Potter.  I use to have a major relationship with movie popcorn with butter.  But alas, I say farewell because not only are you going to kill me at a young age, but I'm hungry an hour later. Not worth it.  And that giant Cherry Coke that I "just can't live without" I will just have to.  My water will have to suffice. 

4. I will not go out to eat.  This one will be easy considering the fact that we have no money to go out. But somehow me and hub's always find a way.  There will be no way this week.

5. I will make a grocery list and stay under $100.  This applies to me keeping my budget.  I only went to the store twice this week, and I can only do it once this week.  I can do this.  

So there are this week goals.  Now I am off to make "Italian Meatloaf"  with mashed cauliflower and potatoes on the side. Yum!

And could the ice cream truck that has been circling my neighborhood kindly move on.  I'm really sick of hearing your music.  

Harry Potter tomorrow, so excited!


  1. Hi Carrie! Well, I would suggest to make a super great playlist of songs and just jive with the songs during your whole workout! Honestly, my favorite tunes is one of the funnest parts of my workout. It will make your workouts at the gym seem much more enjoyable.

    :-) Marion

  2. So I'm not the only person the ice cream truck stalks - good to know ;)

    I've been known to sneak in my own popcorn to the movies. I either pop a 100-cal bag or use my air popper and top it with parmesan cheese and butter spray. It's pretty good, if you ask me, and far cheaper than the theater. Enjoy the movie!

  3. Marion, I update my playlist all of the time cause I get sick of the same music over and over again! It does help a ton when you have music you enjoy!
    Kimberly, damn ice cream truck! I will be bringing the BIG purse to the movie!