Thursday, June 30, 2011

Things I do to NOT Think About Food......

I have tried filling our time so that food is not the only thing on my mind.  Is that just me?  The last couple of days I have had the pleasure to hang out with my super cute nieces Maddie & Saige.

Yesterday Gramma took us to "Color Me Mine" to paint some pottery.  We had so much fun! I painted a cute little bear for my Hanna-bear (finished products will have pictures next week).

Just a few of my cute family, mom (gramma), Saige, & Maddie.

The high from yesterday's weigh in has left, and has been replaced by the feeling of fear.  I guess this is an expected feeling whenever you are making a major change in your life.  I get scared that I won't be able to handle myself, that I will go on an eating binge and get crazy.  It doesn't help that I am out of my comfort zone by not being in my own house.

I know I've been waiting too long to eat and that makes me feel queasy.  If I had Health Insurance I would go to the Dr. and try and get tested for Type 2 Diabetes, but I was hoping that I could shed some pounds and then the low/high blood sugar thing would stabilize.  Sorry, I hate putting negative issues out there because I am a very positive person, but I guess sometimes you just gotta let it out.I also think being away from my husband takes a toll on me (if your reading Dustin, here is my plug that you should drive down next week!).

Tomorrow is a new day (and I still have the rest of today to make good food decisions).  I am continually trying to find a positive to every negative thought that comes into my head.

How do you turn your negative into a positive?


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