Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Drumroll Please..........

And the first weeks weigh in results are............278.2!  That is a 4.6 pound weight loss!  I was really hoping it would be at least 5 since it was my first week and I felt starving for the first part of it, but I am not going to be hard on myself.  I can honestly say I did everything I could and earned every pound of it!

It's a funny thing that happens when you eat things that are good for your body.... you start to get use to it.  For the last couple of days my body seems to finally be regulating and getting use to the food that I am eating.  By no means am I in any sort of habit of healthy eating....yet.  We're not out of the woods and I strongly agree with the phrase "21 days makes a habit".  These next couple weeks are crucial in my weight loss journey and I need to keep my head on straight.

On Sunday I get to venture to Utah to see family for 2 whole weeks.  I am so excited I could do a happy jig.  But this also comes with some hardcore triggers.

1. 4th of July.  Do I really need to say anymore?
2. Seeing friends and family.  Some friends I haven't seen in years and of course you have to go out to eat!
3. Being out of my familiar surroundings. I am annoyingly OCD about my schedule and I hate when there is a stick in my spokes.
4. Going to a different WW meeting and using a different gym.  Way out of my comfort zone.

There will also be some good things that will be proven within the next two weeks:

1. 4th of July.  Parade and lots of walking because the art festival will be going on.
2. Seeing friends and family.  I will focus on spending time with family instead of what crap will I next put in my mouth.  Also, me and my mom have already decided that we are going to be cooking delish meals so that both of us stay on track.
3. Being out of my familiar surroundings.  I won't have the same triggers that I do in Colorado.  I live in a pretty small town where there is not a lot of healthy options.  There will be lots of options in Utah.
4. Going to a different WW Meeting and using a different gym.  It is detrimental in life that you stay out of your comfort zone.

Life is all about perspective.  I choose positivity, it will be the only thing that can get me through the hard times.


  1. Congratulations on the loss! It's sometimes hard to remember but any loss is a victory. Keep up the good work and good luck on vacay :)

  2. Way to go Carrie. That is great. I am excited to follow your journey. I want to get on weigh watchers after I have this baby. I have Gestational diabetes again this pregnancy and it sucks. But I am hoping that I can play it to my advantage to limit weight gain and resulting in better eating habits after. We shall see since it didn't work last time. LOL But Keep up the hard work.

  3. Plus, one of those "eating" outings'll be with me and you know I eat healthy. So no worries there. This is Shalee by the way.

  4. Good call Shalee. I'll stay away from all of my "fat" friends, hehe. thanks to all, I have had such a happy day so far. I love days like these! This is the positive part about losing weight!

  5. congrats! Ive exercised for my 5th time today since I read your blog first!! Im not kidding you got me off the couch- I haven't weighed myself but my wedding ring fits! yeah!

    Im so happy for your weight loss chica!! and Im so jealous you get to go to Utah. Tell your mom hi!

  6. April that is sooooo good to hear! the whole reason for my blog is to motivate me and others. yay!

  7. Carrie!! I want to thank you so much for informing me about the tabs! You are a life savor!! Thank you!!