Saturday, June 18, 2011

Finally a Workout, and the PERFECT Smoothie!

Sweat it Out
45 Minute Elliptical Intervals
15 Minute Core Strengthening

I have a love/hate relationship with the weekends. My husband works every other weekend so the weeks that he works, I hate it. I'm also on my way to Utah for 2 weeks starting June 26th, and so the days could not be dragging any longer.

I was determined to get to the gym today since I had only been twice this week. I put my gym clothes on right after I put the kid down for a nap so that I had no excuse to not go. It felt GREAT to sweat. I have found that I sweat more the better I'm eating. I don't know why that is, but it feels so good.

I also love how dead the gym is on Saturday. That is one of the differences between Utah and Colorado. Love me some Colorado gym time! I go to the big Gold's when I'm in Utah visiting family and it seems to always be packed! Not looking forward to that for the next two weeks.

I'm pretty sure I'm just behind the times, but I just discovered what my protein smoothies have been lacking......Vanilla Almond Milk. Another "how did I live without this" moment. These are the ingredients to the perfect smoothie:

Gold Standard Protein Powder in Chocolate, half a frozen banana, handful of strawberrie, TBS of ground flaxseed, and Almond Milk of course. The only thing I was missing that I usually put in there is spinach, but I haven't been to the store, so I had to do without.

Put it in this bad boy so its creamy and smooth.

Finished product, so yum and only 6 points for WW.

Alright, I better go the kid has crawled herself into a corner and can't get out.


Do you drink smoothies?
Almost everyday.

Have you done the spinach in a smoothie thing, or are you scared of the color?
I was sceptical at first, but about 3 years ago I caved and tried it. I couldn't tell the difference between it with or without. May as well get some extra greens, right?


  1. I HAVE to try this. YUM!! Does it need the protein powder in it??

  2. It doesn't have to, but I use it as an after workout meal. I use the protein so that it rebuilds and recovers my muscles. Otherwise the fruit in it would give me headache, I know, weird. Too many carbs without the protein.