Monday, June 20, 2011

Getting Use to This: Feeling like Crap While not eating Crap?

Sweat it out
45 minute Elliptical Intervals

Notice I changed my profile pic. Here's a larger view for the seats in the back:

This will serve as a good before picture, don't ya think?

It has been a hard transition in this lifestyle change. The last year with being pregnant and having Gestational Diabetes, my body handles food differently than it use to. I can't tell anymore if I have eaten too much sugar or if my blood sugar is too low. Lucky for me I have this handy dandy little glucose reader.

I just took this reading because my sugar felt a little low, but it is right on point. This is an example of being use to the feeling of having crap in your body all the time. That feeling becomes the norm and then when you fuel your body with fruits, vegetables, protein, and whole grains they feel foreign and uncomfortable for the first little while. It makes you feel like crap, ironically enough.

Today's workout was 45 minutes of intense intervals on the Elliptical. Usually when I use the term "interval" it means it goes from a lower level to a higher level every 2 minutes, but I usually exert almost the same amount of energy. Today I decided I wanted more out of my workout. For the 2 minutes that it was at a level 6 I used full range of motion and went as fast as I could, and then I recovered at a level 4 to catch my breath. By the time the 45 minutes was up, I was spent. I was going to lift weights, but oh no, I was done. I have to admit though it felt awesome.

I am glad that I was, at one point in my life, really in shape. It keeps me going knowing that it does get easier the more you do it.

It is the same way with food. Unfortunately, I've been eating so horrible for the last few years, it's going to take time to embrace the new feelings that good food and exercise give me. Until then I must push through and not get discouraged. I didn't gain 100 pounds overnight and it most certainly will not come off in a matter of weeks. This is a lifestyle change and so I need to suck it up and roll with it.


Have you ever had a goal that took you a long time to master? What goal and how long?
Obviously weight, and it seems to be taking me a lifetime so far. I haven't mastered it yet.

What food makes you feel like total crap?
Ice Cream, but I love it oh so much! I've switched to Fro Yo and don't feel quite as guilty.


  1. You are so beautiful Carrie! Keep up the good work. I am starting a new workout next week. Why wait? well because my hubby is training for a big bike ride this weekend and can't babysit in the AM until next week. I need to do a before pic too. Also, I felt like I was dying and starving when I first started WW. It is amazing what crappy food does to your body. And how your body rejects it when it gets used to the healthy stuff.

  2. Cute dress!! That is a great picture--and I can totally relate to everything you are saying. Hey, was Rome built in a day? Like, NO!! You're fabulous--and nice post yesterday for Father's Day--you're a wonderful writer. Maybe you should write a book! Hey, when do you weigh in?

  3. Thanks Amanda! Working out is a little tougher with kids. I hope this feeling goes away soon, its a bit frustrating.
    Mom, I have my first weigh-in on Wednesday morning. If only I could catch all of my grammatical errors. Its annoying when I read through an already published post and I find mistakes, ARGH!

  4. you rock- I did 45 minutes today too- it was hard but I felt awesome after. You are inspiring me when I need it the most! My husband was walking next to me as I jogged- LOSER! Anyway- Love the pic you look gorgeous!

  5. Fried foods are the worst for me, in terms of making feel blah.

  6. Oh man, I totally forgot about the fried food rock that sits in your stomach! I totally agree.