Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fatherless and Husbandless on Father's Day.

Yup, its just me and the Hanna-bear on Father's day. Dustin is working today and my dad lives in Utah so I will get to make a phone call instead of dinner with my family. 7 days and counting until Utah. Here is a special post for all of the men in my life. Where to start, there are so many?

This is my oldest brother Garrit(and his wife Millissa). He's a stud. He is an example of a supportive involved Daddy. He let me crash his first few years of marriage with movie watching and going out to dinner with him and his wife, what butt rock music is, and let me braid his mullet before he had to cut it off. You can tell his kids adore him. He has had so many personal triumphs in his life and has never let anything hold him back. He's the and I love him more than he will ever know.

This is my second oldest brother Ryan. Doesn't that picture say it all about his daddy skills? He lives in Arizona and I miss being able to see him on a regular basis. He is the man that made up all of our grown up names (his is Ron) and has given me the confidence to sing along to his guitar playing with my fake Cranberries Irish singing voice. He let me tag along with him and his college friends when I was fifteen to keep me out of trouble, and we were partners in crime when stealing dad's Mustang when we thought he was out of town (he wasn't, he was driving a rental car right behind us). I love this guy.

This is my 3rd oldest brother Tyler(and his wife Angela). We were only 2 years apart growing up so we are pretty good buds. He use to serve me lunch on a mini-trampoline when we were playing restaurant. We would have coloring contests and he always won(we colored a barbie coloring book so really I won). He would warn his girlfriends about me, because I am ultra protective of him. He's gonna make a great daddy one day. Love, Love, Love ya!

This is my daddy. He annoyed me with the term "only little girl". He taught me how to shop at Nordstom, cutting the grass is not to be taken lightly, and to give your all in everything you do. He "made" me go to Hawaii when I was 15, and dragged me kicking and screaming to every activity (come on, I was 15!). He has instilled in me a strong work ethic and because of that I have always held leadership positions at my jobs. He has supported my every venture and for that I say I love you Dad, happy father's day!

Now this guy, he's the man. This is my husband Dustin, my baby daddy. He is my everything. he supports me in all of my crazy schemes. He keeps me laughing every moment of every day. He takes the trash out without being asked. I never have to ask him twice to do anything because he knows if mama's happy everyone's happy. He takes me out for ice cream when I'm feeling a craving. Hanna already has him wrapped around her little finger and I know he would do anything for her. He is the cornerstone in my life, and I love him more than words can say. Happy Fathers Day poopers!

I hope you all have a fabulous Father's Day! This post has taught me that I need to take more pictures, and I had to steal most of these pictures from their blogs. Expect a nice camera in your face the next time I see you guys.


  1. Your DAD taught you to shop at nordstroms??? That is my kind of dude! I love nordys with all my heart. ;)

  2. Love your whole fam! Love your dad! Great Post

  3. um, I looked up and there was nothing there... but, thanks for the props sis... love ya.