Friday, June 24, 2011

Have You Ever.......

Have you ever bought a pair of jeans that were too small purposefully so that you will lose weight?  I have given numerous articles of clothing to the "Goodwill"  that had this back story.

Since you all know my weight I may as well tell you that I am a size 24.  After I had my baby back in October, I dropped down to 266 which was 7 pounds less than before pregnancy.  I had high hopes for breast feeding and that it would help me to lose weight, but instead I gained.

Before I gained another 14 pounds I bought a steal of a deal pair of jeans.  If any of you know how much Seven jeans cost, then I would be embarrassed to admit I spent all that money on them.  I got these Seven Jeans for $20, but they didn't have my size, so I had to go the size down which was 22.

Cute, right?  Hopefully by the Fall when I can wear these they will be too big to fit into.  I love goals that  don't have to do with getting on the scale.


Have you ever bought a size smaller to help motivate you to lose weight?
All the time.  I am determined to not waste my money anymore by actually becoming smaller and fitting into the smaller sizes.


  1. I have never purchased a smaller pair but I have been known to hang on to my smaller pairs cause I can't part with them and someday I will fit into them again. I finally was able to fit into them all last summer just in time to finally get prego again. Those are cute jeans and you will be in them in no time. Then they will be too big and you will be trying to find another steal on some cute ones.

  2. I so hear you on this! In fact, just before leaving Junction I bought a sassy sundress that is 3 sizes too small with the motivation of getting on track with the losing weight thing! I WILL be rocking that dress even if I'm having to slap a cardigan sweater with it cause it's freezing cold and snowing outside! Lol! I agree with Kacy, you'll be fitting into those jeans in no time and when you do they'll feel even sassier than they are because of the achievement it took to get into them! Love ya and keep up the good work! =)