Thursday, June 16, 2011

I Like Picture Books, How Bout' You? Oh, and Sugar.

I really do like picture books a lot. To keep the posts more interesting to look at, I will be adding obvious pictures. Pictures make things fun, right? Right!

This is what I woke up to this morning. A GIANT headache. I am prone to headaches, and I get them on a weekly basis. Funny thing is that when I was pregnant and had diabetes, I had to count my carbs at each meal and keep them below 40, snacks below 15. Needless to say, I ate a lot of eggs and peanut butter, practically no carbs. The eye opener was that I NEVER got headaches! After talking to my Dr, she let me know that headaches were a sign that my body was overloaded on sugar. The hard thing is pretty much everything turns into sugar if you don't work it off.

I attended my first WW meeting yesterday and to my joyous surprise they let me know that the program has changed, and fruit is now 0 POINTS! I LOVE fruit, I am a total sweets person and fruit is a great way to sub for starbursts. I should have listened to my body though, and I overdid the fruit and bread yesterday and didn't get in enough protein. So bring on the headache that would not go away all night. I could not even enjoy the fact that Hanna had a great nights sleep. I really could have benefited from that!

Todays focus is getting in my protein and balancing out my carbs. Which means I'm going to have eggs for breakfast instead of delicious oatmeal. Then I have to mop ALL of the tile (I'm sure that will earn me some activity points!) because I have a 7 month old that is now a crawling beast and I want to keep her hands and clothes clean. I'm OCD like that.

I leave you with Hanna and her daily push-ups.

I love this picture! What a cute kid!

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Is there a food that you associate headaches with?
Banana's and lemonade. Just thinking about lemonade makes my head hurt.

Do you take a medicine when you get a headache, or try and go natural?
Excedrine is my life line! It was a rough pregnancy without it. But now we are reunited and it feels so good! (insert annoying song here).


  1. Me and you are such kindred spirits! I, too, get headaches on a frequent basis, love sugar, and would not be able to live without Excedrin. Please help me with some doable protein options! P.S. PushUp Hanna is stinkin' adorable!

  2. Peanut Butter is great but you can realistically only have a serving a day. There is a really good natural no stir PB that is made by "Peanut Butter and Co.". They have flavors like White & Dark Choclate, Cinnamon Raison, and Honey. they are awesome on a bagel thin with a thin slice of banana on top! Do you like cottage cheese? Love, love, love it. Add some fruit and it totally satisfies the sweet and salty tastebuds. Pair it with a greek yogurt and it is PACKED with protein. I am not a huge fan of Greek yogurt, but I found one that I really liked by "Brown Cow", the strawberry flavor is my favorite. Also, if you like sour cream on anything, you can switch it to plain greek yogurt, you will never be able to tell the difference! I'll add to the blog if I find anything else that I can't live without!

  3. Um, Hanna is TOO adorable! So cute!
    Yah know, in college I had headaches a lot and my nurse praticiner said it was due to a lack of protein as well. I started eating boiled eggs for breakfast and they went away!
    I know that I have to be super careful about my carbs as well or I just feel horrible - headaches, lightheaded, pukey sometimes,etc.

  4. Carrie you rock! I feel privilege to have been there when you lost the weight the first time- I was able to witness your hot bod!! You can do it again!! You inspire me. I have 35lbs to lose from the baby and I haven't worked out yet- and am sensing a pattern I need to get on it. I used to have headaches long ago from sugar but I cut it out mostly 4 years ago- I feel great and don't even crave it. I love Dr. Oz and his recipes and I am reading the China Study like you suggested and Im eating a ton of spinach and beans and rice again. Anyway- Cant wait for more posts!!!! YOU ARE INCREDIBLE and I miss you bunches!