Thursday, June 23, 2011

Popcorn, Sour Patch Kids, & Coke!

No, I didn't fall off the wagon, we'll get to the title in a minute.

After yesterday's weigh in I decided that I needed to indulge a little and the hub's and I decided to go out for lunch (for the first time this week, that has to be a record!).  I had a moment of "throw caution to the wind" and we decided to go to Cafe Rio.  I know not the healthiest choice ever, but I managed to keep it under 20 points, which is amazing, and let me tell you how.  There is this secret thing called the Internet, and if you go to a restaurants website, they usually have their nutritional information right there for the whole world to see.

The special yesterday was Chicken Tostada.  I usually get the Pork Salad, but you gotta change sometime. It had a 6 " Corn Tortilla, with black beans, shredded chicken, cheese blend, lettuce, pico, and Creamy dressing.  I forwent the rice, sour cream, tortilla strips, and sprinkle cheese. Let me tell you that I did not miss it.  It cured my salad craving and I didn't feel deprived all day. Not to mention, that the tostada is cheaper than the salad.  Saving money while eating better?  It doesn't get much better than that!
Now, I don't want to ruin Cafe Rio for any of the lovers out there, but if you want to see some surprising facts  go to their website (I tried to put a link, but they won't let me attach a pdf file).  Some of it may be pleasantly surprising.  Food can be like and Urban Legend, the fat and calories seem to go up the more people talk about it.  One thing that was eye opening for me was that the "whole wheat tortilla" isn't any better that the flour, and the flour actually has more dietary fiber.  This just shows that before I go out to eat, I will be checking websites and making my decisions before I leave the house.

Movie Date with the Hub's

Yesterday me and the hub's had a chance to go to a movie.  This has been something that we have only done twice since we had the baby back in October.  The movie theater is a huge trigger for me and I have inherited my love of movie theater popcorn from my mom.  We saw "Super 8", which was very entertaining.

I had prepared for cravings of popcorn, sour patch kids, & coke, with apples, carrots, & water.

Apparently all I need is something to munch on during a movie.  Once it started playing I didn't miss anything, and I actually felt good once the movie was done because I didn't stuff myself with popcorn and soda.  Once again, an AHA moment.

What foods do you sneak in at movies?

If you checked out the Cafe Rio nutritional fact page, what was most surprising to you?
Someone had once told me that one of their tortilla's had like 800 calories in them.  They are bad for you, but that person was off by like 300 calories.  Good to be informed with correct information.


  1. I am going to just sit here and comment on your posts. I love reading them. I am totally one of these sneak food into movies cause I won't pay their price people. I have snuck capri suns for the kids and all sorts of candy. I have even brought in my own 32 oz fountain drink from harts under a jacket in my hand. LOL I was on cafe rio's website the other day checking out their counts since I am dealing with the whole gest diabetes thing. I was totally SHOCKED by them. I don't eat the tortillas from my salad anyway and I can't even finish one cause they are ginormous. But seriously shocking. I may have to try this tostada when I go to Utah next month. Since I will be staying at my Mom's and she doesn't cook I will be eating out more then the norm and am so glad for the websites with nutritional facts. Keep posts up about eating out when you do that way I can have healthier suggestions since I hate trying new foods.

  2. Haha! Kacy you're funny! I LOVE the tortillas, but won't eat them anymore. I could finish an entire salad which was a warning sign to me that things needed to change. GD is so frustrating! Pregnancy is not the time to have to watch every nutritional fact that goes in your mouth. It kind of ruins the whole being able to gain weight thing with pregnancy! Glad you're enjoying reading my blog!